Wedding is the most anticipated day in anybody’s life. Every bride and groom try to look their best on their most auspicious day and even look for various ways to achieve it as well. Once the wedding is fixed, the to-be brides rush to the nearest best salon to start brushing up their wedding beauty needs right from head to toe.

A lot of things need to be taken care of to look beautiful on your wedding. Right from your wedding dress, to your hairstyle, your makeup, the jewellery, your sandal and even the flowers play key role in making you look extremely beautiful. There are certain things which you need to take care of so that you look the best. Check out the tips to look extremely beautiful on your wedding…

Start With Your Hair

The cleaning should start with your hair. If you are having dandruff, it can lead to pimples and acne as well. Also, if you own a frizzy hair, then you will not look beautiful, however hard you try it on your face. So, make sure that you have a good and maintained hair. Pamper your hair with a good spa treatment, nourish it with oil and do treatments for dandruff as well. Get a nice haircut that suits you well.

Glowing Face

Every bride and the groom dream of having a glowing face during their D-Day. Well, it isn’t that easy a task to get a glowing face instantly. The preparation should start at least a month before and if you do not have so much time left for the wedding, a week’s preparation will also do. First of all analyze your skin type and make sure that you do treatments to your face with those products that suits your skin. Do the right facial according to your need. Brides normally do skin whitening/diamond/gold/pearl facials for weddings.

Special Care For Eyebrows

Threading is very important when it comes to looking beautiful. Make sure that you do the best with your eyebrows so that it enhances the overall beauty of your face, making you look dazzling!

Pink Lips

Dark lips kill the beauty of the face and you cannot depend on lipstick or lip balm all the time. So, it is necessary that you should work on your lips as well so that you get rid of the darkness of your lips. You can go for any treatment or try any home remedy to get rosy pink lips.

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Body Polish

Polish your body so that it gets some glow. Massage it with nourishing oils and cream, so that all the dirt and tanness are removed. Massaging the body will help in easing the blood flow and it in turn will make you feel good.

Remove Unwanted Hairs

It does not look good if your body has unwanted hairs on your hands and legs and that too on your D-Day! So, remove those excess hairs even from your private parts so that your body looks neat and clean. And also it will make your skin look fairer as waxing will remove all the dirt with the excess hair.

Beautiful Nails

Long beautiful nails look good on anybody and if the bride is deprived of it, then it will not look good. Paint it with attractive color. Long nails look good. Do manicure and pedicure for hands and legs so that they too shine on your wedding day.

Whiten Your Teeths!

It is the most important event in your life and you must keep smiling throughout the day. How odd it will look if your tooth does not match with your look? Make sure that you go for a proper dental check up and do the cleaning of your tooth so that it you give the best smile on your D-Day.

Right Sandals

It is essential that your sandal should sync with what you are wearing on your wedding day. Sandals must be preferably simple but stylish and elegant. And make sure that you are comfortable walking with it with your wedding attire on.

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