If you’ve tried any facial creams before or if you’ve just been paying attention to television ads, you’ve heard about collagen. You’ve probably heard about collagen injections as well. They promise to lift and firm your skin with all-natural ingredients. They’re also very expensive. However, they are somewhat telling the truth. Collagen is all-natural and does lift and firm the skin; however, an injection isn’t necessary because your body makes collagen. Why pay someone else to inject something you already produce?

In scientific terms, collagen is a structural protein that occupies the extracellular space of connective tissue. That might sound like a mouthful, but what it means is that collagen is the protein component of tissue that connects muscles and skin. It is the most common protein in humans.

Collagen forms into fibres that help to lift and firm your skin. In fact, collagen is so effective that it is used to make gelatine and in the past was used to make glue. So, in a sense, collagen is the glue that keeps wrinkles away.

How it Forms

Collagen is formed just like any other protein; amino acids are stringed together in specific chains that form specific functions. In this case, that function is to make your skin soft and wrinkle-free.

Collagen really only needs sufficient sources of protein to form. However, as you age, your collagen production decreases. That causes wrinkles and sagging skin.

Green Banana Extract

That’s where green banana extract comes into the picture. This is a substance that helps rebuild collagen bonds in the skin. Green banana extract is a substance produced by mixing green bananas with alcohol then distilling out a pure form of the substance. It is made from yellow bananas that have not ripened yet. Before the bananas ripen, they contain collagen-building fibres and starches. These starches are converted into sugars to make the food sweeter and more edible, but before that, they are responsible for making the fruit tough.

It’s that toughness you want to capture. You want to utilise the substance that helps bananas hold their shape. This effective face lifting cream aids in creating strong collagen bonds. Green banana helps to strengthen collagen. You also need something that encourages the new synthesis of collagen fibres.

Bocoa Extract

Bocoa is an aquatic plant that has been proven to encourage the body to create new collagen fibres.

In the 21st century, so much of life has come to rely on someone’s physical appearance; it is not a comfortable truth, but it is a truth. Whether in the private world or the business world, one needs to put his or her best face forward to be effective. In the dating world, you want to present a youthful and exuberant face when you go out and meet people. In the business world, you want to exude confidence and enthusiasm when you sit down for an interview. When you feel good about your appearance, you are more likely to feel good about yourself as a whole. That sort of confidence and self-esteem is a very effective way to make a great impression on an interviewer.

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